Friday, July 13, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom 343

1. When the mirror of the heart becomes pure
    and clear, impressions of the other world
    will become manifest. The image and the
   image maker will become visible, like the
   carpet and the carpet-spreader.

2. The falcon made the king's hand his joy,
    and became indifferent to the search for
    carrion. All animals from the gnat to the
    elephant are of the family of God and
   depend on Him for sustenance. What a
   sustainer is God!

3. Do away with superfluous speech, and
    sacrifice what you hold dear, that His grace
    may utter praise of you and the heaven be
   envious of your exalted estate.

4. When God's decree becomes your pleasure,
    you become a willing slave,
   not because of burdening yourself,
   not on account of recompense,
   but by virtue of the nature now so pure
   that whatever divine edict may take you,
   living and dying appear the same.
   You live for God, not for riches;
   you die for God, not from fear or pain.

5. The face of David shone with His glory,
    and the mountains sang His praise.
    The mountains sang along with David;
    both elated in praising the King.
    He hears the melody of the pure-spirited,
    every moment, every place. [Mawlana Rumi]


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