Friday, May 06, 2011

Pearls of wisdom 308

1. The self is complete darkness -- the lamp of self is its striving for God Most High.

2. Servitude is the beautiful adornment of the servant -- whoever abandons servitude is shut off from beauty.

3. Moral character consists of what God chose for His Prophet (peace be upon him) when He commanded: "Hold to forgiveness and command what is right."

4. The best means for the slave to reach his Master is by being constantly in need of Him in all states, adhering to the Sunna in all deeds, and seeking his sustenance in a lawful manner.

5. Poverty/neediness is a state that leads to the nearness to God.

6. Depend not on your devotions and spiritual exercises but His grace.

7. Turn to God, as the poor beggar turns to the rich for alms.

8. When you sit instructing the people be a preacher to your heart and soul and do not allow their gathering around you to beguile you for they are attentive to your external being, while God is attentive to your inner being. [ Shaykh Abu Hafs al Haddad]

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