Monday, November 16, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....203

1. Break away from the lower self and lust, seek the help of God, for how excellent is the Master.

2. It is incumbent upon you to have real faith, and the sense of God's presence in well-doing. Hold fast to that with knowledge, and you will experience the increase in wisdom.

3. Cling to sincerity and godly piety, and forsake the abodes of evil, and you will attain the loftiest degrees.

4. Be not be heedless of God, neither consider yourself secure from His cunning. Look to no one except God, and you will acquire sciences, gifts, and understandings, and you will obtain from God an unceasing reward.

5. Serve your Lord wherever you may be with contentment, and you will enjoy what the people of beneficence have obtained.

6. Faith is increased by thanksgiving for graces, endurance under trial, and contentment with the Divine decree.

7. Remembrance of God is the light of the heart, and His presence is the key to the invisible.

8. The understanding man is one who has an understanding from God of His signs and whose occupation is dhikr of and reflection upon His favors.

9. The real significance of remembrance lies in one's being detached from remembrance and joined to the One remembered in the dhikr, and detached from everything except Him.

10. Whenever anyone of the jinn and men intimidates you, say, 'Our sufficiency is God, and He is an excellent Protector. [Above quotes by Shaykh Abul Hasan al Shadhili]


aneebaba said...

These were lovely, as usual. Jazak'Allahu Khairan for sharing. Make one feel good just reading them and putting them into practice.

Anonymous said...

Jazakallahou khairan for your effort. Beautiful as always. Full with wisdom. May Allah guard you from all evil.