Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Ayahs of the Day:
Haven't they traveled the earth, that they may have hearts to understand, or ears to hear? Surely it is not their eyes that are blind; what is blind are the hearts that are in their breasts. [22: 46]

Hadith of the Day:
It is not lawful for a Muslim to frighten another Muslim. [Abu Dawud]

Wise Quote of the Day:
Anyone who makes the example of the Prophet his rule in word and deed speaks with wisdom; anyone who lets passion rule him speaks as an innovator. [Othman al Hariri]

Guidance of the Day:
One may object that Allah Most High has ordered us to oppose the faithless and the sinners, so how are we to see ourselves beneath them? Indeed, we are urged to help such people to mend their ways; and if they cannot be helped, to fight them to prevent their harming others. However, we cannot do this for our own benefit, but only for Allah's sake. We cannot undertake that struggle while thinking that we are the saved and they are the damned.

You should know that Allah is aware of the wrongdoings you are hiding from others while you are busy reprimanding them for sins that show. You must consider that in the end you may be worse than the ones you oppose, and fear for yourself, rather than fearing the effects of the acts of the people you blame.

When you are led into a situation in which you are obliged to reprimand a sinner, you should behave like a nurse charged by a great lord to educate his children. That nurse, when necessary, may reprimand and punish the children of the lord, but will never feel superior to them, for he knows that those children are dearer to their father than he is himself. Only Allah knows who is dearest to Him. The best way is to think that everyone else is better in the Lord's opinion than oneself. [The Path of Muhammad]

Food for Thought:
To eat is human; to digest, divine. By eating what is sufficient man is enabled to work; he is hindered from working and becomes heavy, idle, and stupid if he takes too much. When it comes to eating, you can sometimes help yourself more by helping yourself less.

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Anonymous said...

What a good lesson. And the food for thought is excellent dietary advice for us who over-indulge :)

Ya Haqq!