Thursday, August 10, 2006


Ayah of the Day:
Present them the simile of the life of the world as like rain We send down from the sky: the earth's vegetation absorbs it, then becomes dry stubble, which the winds scatter. And God is the One who prevails over everything. [18: 45]

Hadith of the Day:
If anyone transgresses and God conceals it and forgives him, He is too Generous to go back on a thing He has forgiven. [Tirmidhi]

Wise Quote of the Day:
Avoiding that which is forbidden is based upon fear, while doing that which is commanded is based upon hope. The whole matter of seeking knowledge is also based on fear. [Sahl bin Abdullah]

Guidance of the Day:
Taking Care of Ourselves on the Job: Taking care of ourselves on the job means we deal with feelings appropriately; we take responsibility for ourselves. We detach, when detachment is called for. We set boundaries, when we need to do that. We negotiate conflicts; we try to separate our issues from the other person's issues, and we don't expect perfection from ourselves or others. We let go of our need to control that which we cannot control. Instead, we strive for peace and manageability. We do not tolerate abuse, nor do we abuse or mistreat anyone else. We work at letting go of our fear and developing appropriate confidence. We try to learn from our mistakes.

We try to not set ourselves up by taking jobs that couldn't possibly work out, or jobs that aren't right for us. If we find ourselves in one of those circumstances, we address the issue responsibly. We figure out what our responsibilities are, and we generally stick to those, unless another agreement is made. We leave room for great days and not-so-great days. We are gentle and loving with people whenever possible, but we are assertive and firm when that is called for. We accept our strengths and build on them. We accept our weaknesses and limitations. We strive to stop trying to control and change what is not our business to change. We focus on what is our responsibility and what we can change. [The Language of Letting Go]

Food for Thought:
One human being is no human being. None of us can truly be human in isolation. The qualities that make us human emerge only in the ways we relate to other people.

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