Sunday, April 30, 2006


Ayahs of the Day:
So be patient; though your patience is only through God. And do not grieve over them, and do not be depressed by whatever they connive; for God is with those who are conscientious and those who do good. [16: 127,128]

Hadith of the Day:
Verily, even a little ostentation is shirk. [Ibn Majah]

Wise Quote of the Day:
This world is an abode of tests. The object of life is not to avoid or deny its tests and trials, rather to successfully pass them. [Imam Zaid Shakir]

Guidance of the Day:
Ostentation: Ostentation (riya) is the intention to enhance one's dignity in the eyes of people by means of acts of obedience to Allah Most High. This attitude totally defeats the purpose of worship. The purpose of worship is to gain the pleasure of Allah Most High. Since show or display of worship involves division of purpose, ostentation is termed the lesser shirk. By means of ostentation one splits the purpose of worship by endeavoring to attain both public acclaim as well as the pleasure of Allah Most High. A deed contaminated by even an atom of ostentation is unacceptable to Allah Most High. Heed this and reflect!

In the view of the above, never intend to display any act nor conceal it. Concern yourself with the act itself, intending thereby only the pleasure of Allah Most High. Ignore all diversionary stray thoughts and whisperings of the lower self and the devil that enter your mind. You may at times be assaulted by the thought that your act is to obtain the acclaim of the people. Ignore this whispering, which in fact is a ploy of the devil or the lower self engineered to sidetrack you from performing the righteous act. Prior to performing a good deed, reflect and ascertain you motive. What is your intention for doing the act? Is it to seek the pleasure of Allah Most High or the pleasures of others? If you discern any of the contamination in your intention, then purify your intention. Rid it of contamination and firmly resolve to perform the deed for the pleasure of Allah Most High.

The Remedy: The cure for ostentation is to rid the heart of the desire for fame and name. Ostentation in fact is a branch of hubb al jah (love of fame and glory). Perform your acts of worship in solitude. This worship in solitude refers to worship that does not have to be performed in group (jamm'a). However,regarding congregation prayer, the elimination of love of fame is enough to combat ostentation. Another efficacious remedy against ostentation developing is an act of worship is to perform that specific act of worship in abundance. Within a short while the ostentation will be dispelled, and by force of habit the worship will become sincere. [The Path of Perfection]

Food for Thought:
The only thing we gain by putting others down is an extra enemy. Therefore be just in recognizing the efforts of others, and compliment them for their virtues.

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