Monday, December 26, 2005


Ayah of the Day:
Those before them plotted too, but the whole plan is up to God, Who knows what every soul earns. And the atheists will know who gets the reward of Paradise. [13: 42]

Hadith of the Day:
Do not spread hatred among one another and do not vie needlessly. Instead, be slaves of Allah and brothers. [Bukhari & Muslim]

Wise Quote of the Day:
Do not say what you do not know, but neither say all of what you do know. [Ali radi Allah anhu]

Guidance of the Day:
Be so tolerant that your heart becomes wide like the ocean. Become inspired with faith and love for others. Offer a hand to those in trouble. Applaud the good for their goodness, appreciate those who have believing hearts, and be kind to believers. Approach unbelievers so gently that their envy and hatred melt away.

Remember that you are on the best path and follow an exalted guide, upon him be peace. Be mindful that you have his guidance through the most perfect and expressive revelation. Be fair-minded and balanced in your judgment, for many people do not enjoy these blessings. Return good for evil, and disregard discourteous treatment. An individual's character is reflected in his or her behavior. Choose tolerance, and be magnanimous toward the ill mannered. Accept how God treats you. Make it the measure by which you treat others.

Judge your worth in the creator's sight by how much space He occupies in your heart, and your worth in people's eyes by how you treat them. Do not neglect the truth even for a moment. Always behave decently, and be alert. Do not allow your carnal self to be a referee in any contention, for it will always rule that everyone but you is sinful and unfortunate. Such a judgment signifies your destruction. Be strict and implacable with your carnal self, and be relenting and lenient toward others, and be openhearted toward the truth. [Pearls of Wisdom]

Food for Thought:
Almost nothing is more predictable than the way people respond when they feel appreciated and valued.

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