Sunday, December 25, 2005


Ayah of the Day:
So it is that We have sent it down as wisdom in Arabic. If you followed others' wishes after knowledge came to you, you would have no protector and no defender against God. [13: 37]

Hadith of the Day:

Do not spread hatred or envy among yourselves and do not conspire. Rather, O Slaves of Allah, be brothers. No Muslim may dissociate himself from his brother for more than three nights. [Bukhari & Muslim]

Wise Quote of the Day:

The likeness of this world is that of a river, one of its shores being the Hereafter, and the boat for crossing over is built from taqwa. [Abu Yaqub ibn Ishaq]

Guidance of the Day:

Freedom means that the spirit voluntarily limits itself to nothing other than sublime feelings and thoughts, and serves no principles other than goodness and virtue. True freedom is civilized freedom. It wears the diamond chain of religion and morals, and the golden collar of sound thinking. True wisdom is the freedom of the human mind from all shackles that hinder it from making material and spiritual progress, as long as we do not fall into indifference and heedlessness.

Freedom allows people to do whatever they want, provided that they do not harm others and that they remain wholly devoted to truth. Freedom that does not acknowledge religious ideas and feelings, and that does not serve as the ground for virtue and morality, is like the desire to eventually become restless and wander off the common road of humanity.

Those who regard freedom as absolute liberty confuse human freedom with animal freedom. Animals have no moral questions asked of them, and so are free of moral constraints. Some people desire this kind of freedom and, if they can, use it to indulge the darkest desires of the flesh. Such freedom is worse than bestial. True freedom, however, the freedom of moral responsibility, shows that one is human, for it motivates and enlivens the conscience and removes impediments from the way of the spirit. [Pearls of Wisdom]

Food for Thought:
Our acceptance of what is, instead of our insistence that life be what we would like it to be, is the key to a more peaceful life.

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