Thursday, November 22, 2018

Lesson of the day 1416

Ayahs of the Day:
Do not kill your children out of fear of poverty; We will provide for them, and for you. Indeed, killing them is a great sin. And do not approach adultery, for it is an obscenity and an evil way. [17: 31,32]

Hadith of the Day:
Let your tongue never cease to be moist with the remembrance of God. [Tirmidhi]

Wise Quote of the Day:
Only through detachment from Dunya (this world) does the slave reach his Lord. [Shaqeeq Balkhi]

Guidance of the Day:
Gratitude: Accepting that all benefit is from the True Benefactor, the effect of which is to be happy with the Benefactor and be ever ready to render obedience to Him, is the meaning of gratitude (shukr). This entails acceptance of the fact that all benefit is from the Creator, the True Benefactor. This acceptance induces happiness with the Benefactor, and eagerness to carry out the commands of the Benefactor and to abstain from His prohibitions. One should consider all benefits, goodness,
and pleasant conditions as the bounties of the Creator and regard these to be in greater measure than what one really deserves. Praise is to be offered to Allah and His bounties should not be employed in evil and sin. His favors should be used in obtaining His good pleasure. This is the true meaning of gratitude.

This conception of gratitude will be understood only when one has realized the purpose underlying creation and the functions of the various aspects of creation. For instance, the eye is a blessing of Allah Most High. Gratitude in relation to it is to employ it correctly-- to employ it only in lawful ways, such as reading the Glorious Quran, acquiring knowledge, studying the wonderful creation of Allah so as to learn and realize the greatness and splendor of Allah Most High, and so forth. The gratitude of the eye further demands that it be restrained from glancing at and viewing objects that Allah Most High has prohibited.

Likewise, the ear is a blessing. Gratitude in relation to it is to employ it correctly, such as in listening to the remembrance (dhikr) of Allah, to such talks that remind one of the Hereafter, and to prevent it from listening to evil, nonsensical, and useless talk. [The Path to Perfection]

Food for Thought:
Wisdom is:
To do what you should do when you should.
To refuse to do what you should not do;
And, when you are not clear, wait until you are sure.

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