Monday, November 24, 2014

Lesson of the day 1366

Ayahs of the day:
Believers, be conscious of God, and seek the way to God, and struggle for the sake of God, that you may thrive. [5: 35]

Hadith of the day:
When Allah wills good for a person, He grants him understanding of the religion. [Bukhari]

Wise quote of the day:
The worst of men is the one who does not mind being watched while doing an evil deed. [Luqman Hakeem]

Guidance of the day:
Children have rights over their parents. They should be provided for as long as they need to be, educated with excellence, taught praiseworthy traits of character, excellent attributes, and beautiful moral qualities, and protected from the contrary of these. They should receive good names, and prior to all this, their mothers should have been chosen from blessed, virtuous origins.

Parents should be fair in  providing for their children and not prefer one over the other simply because of his natural inclinations or other whimsical reasons. [Counsels of Religion by Imam al-Haddad]

Food for thought:
No one who is  thoroughly occupied with something worthwhile is ever miserable. It is better to wear out than to rust out. The more we do, the more we can do. The one who gives his children habits of hard work provides for them better than by giving them a fortune.

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