Friday, November 15, 2013

Pearls of Wisdom 341

1. If someone puts into practice the knowledge he has already acquired, Allah will endow him with knowledge of what he does not know.

2. If someone devotes himself sincerely to Allah for forty days, the fountains of wisdom will gush forth from his heart onto his tongue.

3. Conduct yourselves properly in this abode, so that your religion, your outward and inward may be kept safe and sound until you are made to stand before Him at the Resurrection.

4. Make no one but Him the object of your affection. Make friends with no one but Him. Open your feelings to no one but Him.

5. The believer must ask, as a way of calling himself to account and improving his behavior: "What did I intend by saying what I said? What did I intend by taking the step I took? What did I intend by eating what I ate? Why did I act as I did? Is this in accordance with the Book or Sunnah?"

6. If it should ever happen that your heart is tempted by the beauty and charm of this world, you must get away from it in a hurry, for it will no doubt chase after you.

7. Take from this world in proportion to your need, not for idle sport and to accumulate great wealth.

8. When Islam becomes real through submission, you will surrender your own self (nafs) to the hand of His destiny (qadar).

9. Wake up now, before death brings you to your senses! Be your own preacher and subdue your own self! Spread your wealth around! You are merely a traveler passing through.

10. Your true friend is he who warns you to take care (of your hereafter). [Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jillani]

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