Monday, October 08, 2007


Ayah of the Day:
God made you from dust, then from a drop, then made you in pairs. No female conceives or delivers except with God's knowledge. And no one whose life is prolonged is granted long life, or has his life shortened but is in a Writ; and that is easy for God. [35: 11]

Hadith of the Day:
There will come a time when there will be Muslim nations who will discuss their worldly affairs in mosques. God does not need them to enter His holy houses. [Ibn Hibban]

Wise Quote of the Day:
To be a Sufi means to abide continuously in God and to live at peace with men: whoever abides in God and deals rightly with men treating them with unfailing kindness, is a Sufi. [Imam al-Ghazali]

Guidance of the Day:
The enemies of making a difference are doubt, fear, discouragement, and selfishness. Some people never try to make a difference because they doubt they can. Some people fear to try in case they fail. Some people start to make a difference but compare the good they are doing with all the evil they can imagine in the world and become disabled by discouragement. Some people are so absorbed in themselves that they never think of anyone's needs but their own.

On the other hand, some people trust that they were put here on this earth to make a difference in some way, large or small. Those same people know the fear of failure as much as anyone, but they face that fear, immerse themselves in that emotion, and move forward bravely. They fight off discouragement by keeping things in perspective. When things get tough, they take life just one day at a time. When things get really tough, they take life one hour at a time. And when things get unbearably difficult------they take heart, hold firm, and take life moment by moment. One by one. Little by little. They are not strangers to doubt, but they find a focus in their lives and commit to that focus. [Kelly, The Rhythm of Life]

Food for Thought:
To be yourself, to use your own God given talent, and to stand up for what is right even in the midst of uncertainty, pain, fear, and persecution is the only true way to live. It's not how long a man lives, but how well he uses the time allotted to him.

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