Sunday, November 06, 2005


Ayah of the Day:
And if We deferred the punishment for them for a determined time, they would surely say, "What holds it back?' Ah, the day it comes to them, it will not be diverted from them; and what they used to ridicule will surround them. [11: 8]

Hadith of the Day:
Visit the sick, free the captives, and feed the hungry. [Bukhari]

Wise Quote of the Day:
There is nothing worse than heedlessness, and there is nothing stronger than one's lusts, yet by extinguishing heedlessness, lusts are easily overcome. [Ahmad Hazria]

Guidance of the Day:
The food of hearts is wisdom, knowledge of Allah, and love of Him. Its turning away from its natural disposition is the result of sicknesses that afflict it, as when a sickness afflicts a person's stomach, causing him not to desire food or drink though they are the means for his survival. Thus, every heart that inclines to love Allah has a sickness to the extent of its inclining. The only exception is if it loved that thing as a means to the love of Allah and His religion. This is subtle, however, and only known by those of spiritual insight.

It has become clear, then, that it is certainly possible to acquire good character traits by spiritual discipline, which is forcing oneself to perform certain actions until they become a habit. This is a result of the wondrous relationship between the heart and limbs, the self and the body. Every attribute that appears in the heart leaves traces on the limbs, until they do not move except in accordance with it. And every action of the limbs can leave traces in the heart, so the relationship is circular. [Sunni Path]

Food for Thought:
Silence is an ultimate weapon of power. It is never wise to argue with a fool, a bystander does not know which is which.

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