Sunday, March 27, 2005


Ayahs of the Day:
Thus Abraham said to his father Azar: "Do you accept idols as gods? I see you and your folk are in obvious error." Therefore We showed Abraham sovereignty over Heaven and Earth so he might feel reassured. When night descended on him, he saw a star. He said: "Will this be my lord?" So when it set, he said: "I do not like setting things." So then when as he saw the moon rising, he said: "Will this be my lord?" and when it set, he said: "If my Lord did not guide me, I would be a member of the lost folk." [6: 74,75,76,77]

Hadith of the Day:
Every faith has an innate character. The character of Islam is modesty. [Al-Muwatta]

Wise Quote of the Day:
He who seeks knowledge for himself, a little will suffice him; but he who seeks knowledge for the people, the people's needs are numerous. [Malik ibn Dinar]

Guidance of the Day:
A believer should be the furthest of people from sins and forbidden acts, the most conscientious in carrying out his obligations, the most eager to do what draws him nearer to God, and the swiftest in performing acts of goodness.

One who is ignorant and one who knows but does not act on his knowledge are no different, except that the latter will have a stronger case made against him before God. Seen in this light, the ignorant is in a better situation. This is why it is said, "Ignorance is better than knowledge that is of no benefit."

Have a share in Night Prayers, for the night is the time when the servant is alone with his Lord. Make abundant pleas for help and forgiveness. Cummune with your Lord with the tongue of the humble and needy, and a heart where complete helplessness and abasement are realized. [Mutual Reminding--Good Manners]

Food for Thought:
Science investigates, religion interprets. Science gives man knowledge which is power, religion gives man wisdom which is control. Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power, It has guided missiles but it has misguided men.

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